Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Today I was asked a very thought provoking question: “What does relationship look like to me”

I have spent a good portion of today pondering that question and here are a few things that I’ve come up with.  By no means is this an all inclusive list but it’s a start.  Feel free to add comments as to other areas that define relationship to you…

In a relationship…

… We are connected in spirit and by the Spirit. 

… We pray for each other. 

... We can speak into each other’s lives and call each other to come higher to the place where God designed us to live. 

… We view the words and actions of each other through the lens of unconditional love.

… We cherish the moments, no matter how few, that we have to spend together.

… We encourage each other.

… We are genuine and sincere.   

… We believe the best about each other.

… We are honest about where we are.

… We are free to be who we were created to be.

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